Backup & Recovery

Most of us have a fair amount of information stored on our computers. Family photos, music libraries, financial information and other personal files are saved on the hard-drive. Like everything else, hard-drives can break – usually without warning. Do you have another copy of your important files and images somewhere?  

Very few homes or small businesses have backups of their computer systems. The introduction of simplified backup software – much of it free – and relatively inexpensive storage devices makes it easy.

If you have very little in the way of important data and have a web-based email account (Yahoo, Gmail, Windows Live, Hotmail), you can simply email yourself the important documents as attachments. This no-cost option will transfer a copy of the file to a remote webserver for safe storage. (This is a good backup precaution for students working on essays.)

For bigger files and critical data storage, an external hard-drive provides more capacity and security. You can back up everything on your computer – data, programs and operating system. When downtime is a factor, this allows you to recover a single file or restore your entire computer. Ideally, you should have access to multiple backup sets to ensure full data recovery.

FITS makes it easy to protect your important data. We have backup and recovery strategies to suit every budget.