Virus / Spyware / Malware Removal

If your computers and servers are inadequately protected, you run the risk of losing valuable data or compromising sensitive proprietary information – something no business can afford. 

You can depend on FITS for:

  • Virus protection for servers, laptops, desktops and mobile devices.
  • System and data recovery from infected devices.
  • Training, consulting and implementation for the best anti-virus defenses.

New and more sophisticated viruses and malware are produced daily.  These malicious programs pose serious security and financial risks to your business.

Understanding the avenues of attack as well as the various options for safeguarding your computer, email and web services is a FITS specialty.

Antivirus programs alone are not enough.  FITS will educate your employees, as well as arm your business with the best defences to safeguard your IT network.

In the event of contamination, only an expert has the tools and the knowledge to disinfect and restore your system. 

Do not continue to operate a computer that you suspect is infected.

  • Symptoms can worsen rendering the computer useless.
  • Information could be accessed or removed from your computer.
  • The infection may spread across the network to other devices.
  • Your computer may be used to SPAM or spread infection.

Call the professionals at FITS for complete protection and satisfaction.