Network Servers

Server systems are not just for large business environments. Small and medium-sized enterprises can reduce costs and improve productivity by sharing resources securely. A properly configured network server, tailored to both your requirements and your budget, delivers enhanced connectivity, efficiency and security in an affordable, integrated package.

How do you know if your business could benefit from a server?
Are you and your employees able to:

  • use software to assign tasks and track project progress?
  • access co-workers’ calendars to see schedules and book appointments?
  • work from outside the office?
  • check your email, calendar or computer files remotely?
  • print to devices anywhere in your office - even from home?
  • keep business data secure (and not travelling around on laptops, mobile devices and USB sticks that can be lost or stolen)?
  • retrieve important data, including email, contacts and calendars, if your computer crashes?
  • capture all necessary business files with your current backup system?

FITS Servers are custom-built for your line-of-business specifications and applications. By balancing capability with affordability, we can provide you with a network solution that ensures productivity for today and scalability for tomorrow.