Network Assessment & Maintenance

Whether your company has two computers or 200, we can assess your network needs, implement cost-effective solutions, and keep your business systems running smoothly, securely and efficiently.

FITS has the expertise to:

  • provide complete networking solutions, including cabling, hardware and software, based on your business requirements.
  • implement secure wireless networking solutions.
  • perform network and Internet security audits to protect critical business information systems and data.
  • recommend and install the proper network infrastructure, firewalls and other user-access control measures.
  • ensure secure connectivity from remote locations.
  • back up critical components for no-fail connectivity.
  • provide appropriate Internet usage and network reporting services.
  • retrofit existing networks to expand capabilities, or custom-build from the ground up.

FITS specializes in providing IT solutions for small to medium businesses.
No budget is too small, no project too complex for our expertise.