Email System Management

Email Protection & Redundancy:

Email has become the hub of business communications, so it is crucial to have backup for your email server. FITS can provide redundancy for your systems so that a workstation crash or server failure doesn’t result in loss of email.

FITS Email Enhancement Services provide offsite email backup. Should your email server stop functioning, incoming emails will be backed up and stored, automatically, for up to seven days. This prevents the loss of important business communications, and avoids ‘bounce back’ messages from your email address.

Ask your FITS professional about additional services, such as Mail Forwarding, which allows you to receive messages through more than one email account.

Email Filtering:

Dealing with junk mail, spam and insidious email viruses is a constant challenge for businesses today. Email filtering is essential for maintaining productivity in the workplace.

With a ‘spam capture’ rate of 99%, FITS Email Enhancement Services offer superior defences, without affecting the flow of legitimate messages, and optimal flexibility in configuring your email services. Methodologies such as greylisting, whitelisting and Real-time Blackhole Lists are utilized to prevent unwanted email from getting to your Inbox.

Virus filtering is included to safeguard your computer systems and ensure that you are not inadvertently transmitting worthless or harmful data.

FITS Technicians can customize the spam-filtering configuration to suit your needs or comply with corporate policies. Spam and virus-infected email is stopped at our servers, so the ‘junk’ never reaches your Internet connection.

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