Welcome to FileBank's FITS & Starts Newsletter, where we try to keep you informed with some of the happenings in the IT world that may be of interest to you.

Generally there are new technology announcements; tips on keeping your computer running smoothly and securely; advice on software programs and news on using computer technology to serve you best.

We try and include articles for both business and home users. FITS emails  our newsletter out on a regular basis to our growing list of subscribers.  You may opt-out at any time and are always welcome back.  Feel free to enter FITS monthly contests to win great prizes just for answering our (easy) "Question of the Month".

I also publish a monthly article in The Regional Newspaper (in Caledon) directed at the home computer user.

Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions for an article or have an IT related question.

David Mielke

Current Issue

Volume 12 Issue 3 - FITS New Look; Email Basics - 101; - The Best in WebMail


Newsletter Archive

Fits & Starts Newsletter Back Issues - 2012

Volume 12 Issue 2 - Organize with OneNote; Power Saver Settings; Cookies Explained

Volume 12 Issue 1 - Be First to Get the Latest Updates; Destroy Your Drive Content; Search Savvy; Reading With Eyes Closed - Text to Speech

Fits & Starts Newsletter Back Issues - 2011

Volume 11 Issue 6 - Data Backup; Photo Edit Programs; Santa Tracking

Volume 11 Issue 5 - 3D Monitors; Smartphone Wish List; Disconnecting Devices from your Computer; Computer Fraud Alert

Volume 11 Issue 4 - Computer Fraud Alert; Flash Update; PDF Reader Update; Java Update

Volume 11 Issue 3 - Cloud Computing; Google Search Image Viruses; Search Engines; Keyboard Shortcuts

Volume 11 Issue 2 - Win 7; Disaster Recovery; Facebook; Browsers

Volume 11 Issue 1 - Office 2010; Google Search News

Fits & Starts Newsletter Back Issues - 2010

Volume 10 Issue 9 - Benefits of Servers; Anti-Virus Limitations; Deleting Files

Volume 10 Issue 8 - Photo Presentation; Phone Frustration; Back-to-School Training

Volume 10 Issue 7 - Data Backup & Recovery; Opera Web Browser; iPad Revisited; TED Talks

Volume 10 Issue 6 - More From Outlook; Google's WiFi Snoop; iPad Mania

Volume 10 Issue 5 - Basic Disaster Planning; Fake Virus Warnings

Volume 10 Issue 4 - Gain Screen Space; Adobe Upgrade; Google Buzz Kill

Volume 10 Issue 3 - New O/S Cautions; Upgrade Your Browser; Events

Volume 10 Issue 2 - Virtual Server Plan; What's Important.; Shortcuts

Volume 10 Issue 1 - Virtual servers; Social Eng.; Free Office Software

Fits & Starts Newsletter Back Issues - 2009

Volume 9 Issue 11 - Backup your Data; The New Web Threats; Know Who to Call

Volume 9 Issue 10 - Windows 7 Review; Remote Computing; Share Cautions

Volume 9 Issue 9 - Organize Your Email; Computer Scams; Keeping Track of Passwords

Volume 9 Issue 8 - Dual Monitor Benefits; WiFi Tips; Computer Security; Windows Tips

Volume 9 Issue 7 - No Commute Computing; Business Network; Win7; Spam

Volume 9 Issue 6 - NetBooks; Social Network Caution; Shortcuts

Volume 9 Issue 5 - IE8 Block; More Phishing; Adobe Woes

Volume 9 Issue 4 - Anti-Virus Phishing; WEEE; FITS Help Desk

Volume 9 Issue 3 - Conficker Worm Defence

Volume 9 Issue 2 - Data Backup; Adobe Reader Warning

Volume 9 Issue 1 - Disable Auto-Run; Spam Defence; Federal Budget