The Team

Gerry Doedens


“I know first-hand the challenge of managing escalating technical needs while keeping costs down.”

In the early days of FileBank, a company experiencing rapid double-digit growth, we required considerable expertise to manage our clients’ need for online applications, data hosting and other highly technical services. But it wasn’t cost-effective to have full-time IT support on-staff. Access to a team of experienced technicians, who could provide assistance as required, was the ideal solution. So we created FileBank IT Services, becoming FITS’ first client.

Ten years later, we have more than doubled the size of our business, yet we still spend less annually on our outsourced IT than we would on one full-time technician.  Outsourcing gives us access to a whole team of specialists – no worries about vacations or sick-days interfering with our IT support. And it affords us a far more comprehensive range of expertise than any one individual could provide.